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Founded in 2012, BoneEasy is dedicated to the manufacture of bespoke Medical Devices for the rehabilitation of maxillofacial cranial defects.


We are convinced that medical devices must be individualized according to  the needs of each patient, in order to achieve the best results and provide the best possible treatment for each one.

By the end of 2020, more than 800 patients were rehabilitated using our individualized medical devices.

Our solutions are characterized by high levels of quality and requirements required by the main regulatory institutions for medical devices, such as CE, FDA, Anvisa, SFDA, INFARMED.

We are ISO 13485 certified for the Quality Management System , fulfilling all your requirements, as protocols of good manufacturing practices and medical device safety.


+ 1200 implants placed

+ 230 meshes placed

Countries with BoneEasy custom implant solutions

Portugal, Spain, France, Brazil, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Egypt, India, Costa Rica, USA, Paraguay, Israel, Netherlands, Austria, Lemen, UAE, Poland, Slovenia, Norway, Hungary, Romania, Iraq Saudi Arabia Dubai, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam.


Meet our 


BoneEasy creates and provides clinicians with solutions that allow them to perform better and less invasive treatments for their patients. By using advanced technologies and software, BoneEasy is able to manufacture medical devices that meet the specific needs of each patient.

We provide clinicians and surgeons with products and solutions that allow them to solve cases of severe bone loss, with the application of individualized implants -  Implantize - which allows oral rehabilitation with a screwed (fixed) dental prosthesis. We also provide  other types of implants and prostheses for the rehabilitation of bone loss caused by tumors, trauma and others. They are  still available aesthetic implants for maxillofacial cranial modeling. 


The face is an extremely complex structure, with a large amount of specifically organized bones responsible for the appearance of each individual. This bone and muscle organization is responsible not only for the appearance, but also for allowing the patient to see, taste, smell, breathe and facial expressions.


With the technologies provided by BoneEasy, essentially 3D printing, doctors are able to test,  plan the surgery and the final outcome of each reconstruction. This way it is possible  reduce surgery time, making it  less invasive, and  get better results and more secure what, consequently, you will have  less risk of complications. These solutions give patients back the desired quality of life and self-esteem.

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