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Severe maxillary atrophy is characterized by the resorption of the alveolar bone, by this moment all the concepts related to dental implants fail to the concepts on basal implants.


Concept that assumes the lack of keratinized tissue around the emergence of the implants, and the fixations are done by screws that are protected by muscle attachment that determine the fund of vestibule.

Implantize Compact is a device that matches this concept, based on the mix of two concepts which are midface plating and tissue level dental implants. The system have bone preparations of the remaining alveolar bone to place the connection near basal bone and it is fixed on the maxilla with Lefort I individualised plates, and on the mandible with Champy plates concept.

Customized implants - MUSCULOSKELETAL integration​
Custom implants - Implantize Compact
Implantize Compact   Presentation

Implantize Compact Presentation

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