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Guided Bone Regenerative

MESH4U  is a reliable bone growth solution, due to its stability and containment of bone substitute granules at the site of bone atrophy, crucial for the bone regeneration process to take place.

We produce a mesh design with different porosity levels - 40%, 60% and 80% - following the principle of the least amount of metal possible interacting with bone and soft tissue.

Implantes personalizados - Regeneração óssea - Mesh 4u
Mesh 4U: Produtos
Implantes personalizados - Regeneração óssea - Mesh 4 u

We recommend filling the interior of the mesh with a mixture of 50% autologous bone and 50% of a bone substitute preferred by the clinician. The autologous bone present contains the bone cells necessary for the regenerative process, which is thus accelerated and facilitated.

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