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Cranio Maxillofacial Prosthesis

iCMF  was the name given to the range of medical devices, with the purpose of replacing and/or reconstructing maxillofacial cranial defects, caused by trauma, tumor or any other cause that has led to the loss of function in maxillofacial cranial areas.

They are structures designed to the measure of a specific clinical case, using, for this, the computerized tomography of the patient for whom it is intended.

iCMF: Produtos
Implantes personalizados - reabilitação maxilofacial - ICMF

We understand that biology and physiology are paramount and that each design must take into account the behavior of muscles, bones, nerves and other structures adjacent to the device it is intended for, as we believe it is the only way for the structure to succeed. In addition to the design, the material from which the device is made is also important, and must be chosen according to the purpose and function for which it is intended.

BoneEasy has developed three products made from different materials: 
iCMF Ti (titanium), iCMF PEEK (poly ether-ether-ketone) and  iCMF AlO (alumina)

iCMF Ti Features

Flyer_iCMF Ti_maxila_EN.jpg
Flyer_iCMF Ti_mandible_EN.jpg
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