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Atrophy Jaws Rehabilitation

Implantize is a dental implant designed by a CAD-CAM system, using DICOM files obtained by CTscan. In this way we guarantee 100% adaptation of the dental implant to the shape of the patient's bone.

This solution is indicated for oral rehabilitation, with a fixed prosthesis, in clinical cases where bone resorption does not allow the use of a conventional rehabilitation, such as endosseous implants.

Implantes perosnalizados - Implantize Hybrid
Implantize Hybrid: Produtos
Implantes personalizados - Implantize Hybrid

After the sintering process, the Titanium pieces are submitted to a polishing process, after which, an SLA (acid) treatment is carried out on the implant stems that are in contact with the bone, increasing the area and capacity for osseous integration. The implant will be fixed with the appropriate amount of osteosynthesis screws, crucial to cancel any micro movement that the dental implant may have, which could affect its survival. These are also subjected to SLA treatment. Both the implant and the fixation screws are subject to a rigorous decontamination protocol.

The position of the teeth is defined by reverse planning, based on a radiopaque tooth probe guide, which the patient uses when performing the CTscan. The implant emergencies that are defined in the radiological guide, taking into account the sites with the greatest possible amount of keratinized gingiva and the least possible amount of muscle tissue or its insertions, these characteristics being fundamental for the success of the implant in the long term. The fixation sites of the osteosynthesis screws are selected taking into account the areas with the greatest bone cortical.

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