Individualized subperiosteal dental implant in medical grade titanium for rehabilitation of maxillae with severe bone loss, where the placement of endosteal implants or zygomatic implants are not solution.

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Implantize is a dental implant designed by CAD-CAM system, through DICOM files obtained by CTscan. In this way we guarantee 100% adaptation of the subperiosteal dental implant to the shape of the patient's bone.

We proceeded to treatment of SLA (acid) in the implant stems that stay in contact with the bone, increasing the area and the capacity of osseointegration. Fixing the implant with the proper amount of osteosynthesis screws is crucial to override any micro-movement that the dental implant may have, which both impair its survival.

The position of the teeth is defined by reverse planning, based on a radiopaque guide of a teeth test, which the patient uses when doing CTscan. The emergencies of the implant that will support the prosthesis bar are defined in the radiological guide, taking into account the sites with the highest possible amount of keratinized gingiva and the smallest possible amount of muscle tissue or their insertions. of the long-term implant.

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Implantize – Step by Step
 1. Plan the case before ordering. To do this, do a patient wax-up To define position of gums and teeth.

 2. Then wax-up the alginate mold and duplicate it with a mixture of acrylic resin and barium sulfate in an 85% / 15% ratio respectively. You can do this in your clinic or laboratory or order at Boneeasy. Get in touch!
See the complete protocol here

3. The duplication made is the Radiological Guide with which the patient has to perform the CT scan. Very important: The patient should perform the bite examination in maximum intercuspation to avoid movement of the guide.

4. After performing the CT scan, with the guide, you must send the DICOM files obtained through the website (upload button) or to the email

5. Implantize is a bespoke medical device for this reason it has no CE mark. In these cases it is mandatory to fill out a medical request and a design acceptance statement made by Boneesy. Upon receipt of DICOMs, Boneeasy will contact you to provide all documentation.

6. Upon receipt of all legally required documentation and payment, the implant is put into production. The doctor will be informed of the date of delivery of the order.

7.The implant is delivered to the sterile client with fixation screws with surface treatment (SLA) and with uncertainties where the prosthesis will be screwed.

8.Rehabilitation of the implant can be done with milled PMMA pink bar or with PEEK abutments supplied by Boneeasy – ORDER HERE!. The screws in both cases are compatible with Lilla's multiunit astra bolts platform 4.5 / 5.0

9.The pink PMMA bar is made to measure of the patient's Implantize bar. It has the number of pillars as the implant. You can cut the pillars to fit the vertical dimension of the patient. A silicone mold is then formed. Put the replicas and pour the plaster. Then just acryl with the bar as a base.



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