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Having as its core business the marking of surgery and bone regeneration, RESDEVMED is a startup company founded in 2012 in OPorto, focused on the distribution of medical devices and support solutions that respond to the needs of local companies in quality services and products at an affordable price.

Combining the real requirements and concerns of its customers with an intensive market study, RESDEVMED started in 2014 a new area dedicated to the research and development of new biomedical solutions in partnership with the FUNCARB group of the Biological Engineering Center of the University of Minho and Searchingessence , the two main partners of RESDEVMED.

From this partnership were born the first two products of the range BoneEasy, brand owned by RESDEVMED: custom bone grafts 30% TCP (manufactured using the software Tailored implant from Searchessence) and a new composite membrane and calcium deficient hydroxyapatite cellulose (for regeneration guided by bone). This milestone gave the beginning of RESDEVMED's manufacturing activity.

In 2017 Boneeasy included in its production portfolio the Custom Titanium Meshes and the Individualized Subperiosteal Implants.

At this moment the company has a manufacturing unit constituted by an ISO 5 clean room, an ISO 7 room exclusively for working with Titanium powder, a laboratory to support the activities developed, both for internal use and for use by external companies in need to develop their activities in a controlled environment.

RESDEVMED belongs to Health Cluster Portugal since 2014.


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Although the distribution of regeneration products and biomaterials is one of the aspects of Resdevmed, it intends to assume as the main core business of the company the manufacture of medical devices, essentially Patient Specific Implants.

The proximity to the customer that this line of business allows, allows RESDEVMED to identify market needs more efficiently and quickly, thereby creating new lines of research and new products, increasingly dedicated to individual solutions for use in techniques of bone regeneration and bone replacement.


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Dra. Bárbara Pereira

CEO & Founder

Dr. José Coelho

Account Manager

Dr. Rui Coelho

Project Manager

Dra. Iolanda Oliveira

Multimedia Engineer



Get to know all BoneEasy partners

Beijing Zhongan

Beijing Zhongan is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, design, production and sales of 3D printed orthopedic medical devices.

Tailored Implant

TailoredImplant is a Patient Specific Implant (PSI) interface portal between Oral, Maxilo-facial, Orthopaedic surgeons and Manufacturers of individualized implants.

Centre of biological engineering universidade do minho

Partners in project ID for the development of BC-HA regenerative barrier membrane, bacterial cellulose membrane coated with hydroxyapatite and of unexplained bone extracts of hydroxyapatite and calcium β-triphosphate.

Pedro Nunes Institute

Pedro Nunes Institute; Partners in the IDT bePIM III project, regarding the manufacture of dental implants of zirconia by micro injection.

IDT Consulting

Partners in providing services related to the preparation and submission of national and international projects.


Supplier of individual equipment for employees and material for maintenance of the clean room ISO 5. Verification and qualification activities.

MedStore +

Supplier of individual equipment for employees and biomedical equipment. Suppliers of Clean Room ISO 5.

General Implants

We are distributors of osteosynthesis kits (preparation drill, cable and applicator wrench, irons with sterilization filter, microplates, titanic screws, storage tray).

VWR; Medbone; Bowil Biotech

RESDEVMED suppliers of raw materials for medical device manufacturing processes: adbone®TCP (MedBone, 99% TCP), Merck chemical reagents from Emprove Bio and Emprove Exp (VWR), Lonza (VWR), CellMat®Wound sterile water (Bowil Biotech, 99% bacterial cellulose).

B| Braun & GOLNIT

We are distributors of Lyostypt foam (B.Braun, collagen), Premilene 5/0 and 7/0 non-resorbable sutures (B.Braun, polypropylene, monofilament), Trelon 6/0 (B.Braun, polyamide, silicone) and non-resorbable suture pPTFE surgical Sutures 5/0.


We are distributors of Clementek LV (calcium phosphate) cement, Nanogel hydroxyapatite gel and synthetic bone particulate Ceraform 100-1000 μm and 1000-2000 μm (65% hydroxyapatite + 35% β-triphosphate calcium).

EuroKlee & Audio Technologies

Distributors of Bone Two reabsorbable membranes (collagen), NewBone (equine collagen) and Collagen Klee (Euroklee, porcine collagen).


We are distributors of TTL and FeatherTTL loupes, with or without LED light with UV filter, from Schultz.


We are distributors of TTL and FeatherTTL loupes, with or without LED light with UV filter, from Schultz.

Sagilab; Bastos Viegas; CEMUP

Partners in providing quality analysis services to the production of medical devices in the BoneEasy range: bioburden (Sagilab) tests, sterility tests (Sagilab), endotoxin tests (Sagilab), residue tests and ethylene oxide and ethylene chlorohydrin ( Bastos and Viegas), SEM evaluation (CEMUP), EDS evaluation (CEMUP) and cryoSEM evaluation (CEMUP).


WILDSMILE has created and developed a platform to facilitate universal access to oral health, bringing patients closer to dentistry professionals. We offer several plans that facilitate and unblock access to oral health, wherever the patient is, encouraging an informed distribution of patients through dental clinics. Based on our long experience in the dental sector, we clearly perceive the needs and problems of patients, dental clinics and various entities that work in the dental sector, providing solutions adapted to each need.


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Travessa da Navega, 436 C 3885-183 Arada, Aveiro, Portugal

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